8 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

8 Ways to Use Leftover Paint

Do you have leftover paint at home from the last painting project? Well then, it can be of a great use for the little makeover and touch ups here and there to refresh your decoration or even paint the little things surrounding your home in Nepal. Here are nine things you can do with different paints. Paint stuffs found in the kitchen such as coasters, canisters or handle of wooden spatula. Look around in the kitchen and pick what you would like to brighten up with the colour you have. You may also find the traditional items of Nepal such as pots that you can paint. Enter your garden space and paint the flower pots with as many shades as you have and can. Create patterns and designs to add beauty to it. You can also draw shapes and figures that depict the artistic side of Nepal. Give a fresh coat of paint to the old furniture. Look around, you might find it in the storeroom or in the rarely noticed nook of your house. Paint the old dresser with the leftover paint and give it a new look. Create designs with multiple hues and make it look interesting. You can do that to other things too such as old table, stools or cabinets. 5. If the walls of your whole room wear a uniform shade, try an accent wall or even an accent doors and windows with a new color. It highlights the painted walls and adds charm to the room.

6. Try painting different things in the room such as built-in bookshelves, or closet with the leftover paint. It changes how the room looks as well. People in Nepal are not too intent on trying new things, but if you never try, you would never know how it can appear. 7. You can try stenciling on the walls, furniture or floor. You can make your own stencil or even buy it from the store and start your painting to beautify the room from normal to magnificent. 8. Work with your paint like a professional and try new things. You can use paint as it is or mix them to create a brand new shade. Use your creativity and try to see how the color would actually look. Feel free to draw and paint designs, patterns or even murals. Enhancing the walls and old stuffs with wall paints take less time. You can be as creative as you want and use the leftover paint to the fullest. You can bring the essence of Nepal too on the wall if you like. You just need to give it a try.

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