Avoiding Moving Scams

Avoiding Moving Scams

Every year more than 40 million people are moving in the US. Among the most popular states are Oregon and South Carolina where people flock because of various benefits those states seems to offer. The outbound list is topped by New Jersey, New York and Illinois. States such as Philadelphia and Chicago fall somewhere in the middle. However with more people moving now than ever there, is a rise in the scams of various moving companies. Moving companies offer movers a lot of help in going through with the whole move. For many movers, it would be impossible to think of moving without the help of a commercial moving company. Movers basically offer a whole range of services from packing, loading, unloading, cleaning as well as installing your IT and appliances. It is important that one is aware of the probable traps that they may fall in to before hiring a moving company and how to be safe from these scammers.

When a moving company gives you an estimate over the phone without an on-site inspection of your items, you may end up paying much higher than the estimate that you were promised over the phone. It is just not in the policy of reputable moving companies to give you an estimate over the phone. The legitimate and reputable ones will always send over a team for an on-site inspection and provide you with a solid estimate of your costs which are unlikely to vary a lot in the future. It would not be possible to make an over the phone estimates because moving costs are not only based on the mileage but also on the space that your belongings are going to take up in the truck. The team may occasionally just glance through your stuff without searching through cabinets and closets. The estimate would probably be faulty in that case. The good ones will always ask you a lot of questions like “Will you take all of your clothes or will you donate some?”. Also try to give them as much information as possible because they should be informed if you are going to take in any surprise items or a new piece of furniture that you are planning to take with you. The costs can skyrocket once you add in more items than your pre decided ones. Many people had their belongings held hostage by their moving companies until they pay them considerably more amount of cash. Also remember that you do not need to make any cash or deposit before moving. All your payment will be taken care of only upon the delivery of your belongings. Only a minimal advance fee may be charged but nothing significant. Go through the details of the company you choose thoroughly including their local address and inquire about their license and insurance. Check whether your company is blacklisted in any of the sites. Take references from your friends and neighbors who have moved recently. You can never be too careful in these aspects.

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