The Beauty of Smoked Glass in Bathrooms    


When it comes to bathroom interiors, you must choose items or elements that will go hand in hand with each other. Just like any separate room in the house, you should also make your bathroom elegant looking. Smoked glass shower screens can be beautiful additions to your bathroom, besides being functional. You get benefits that you will otherwise not get from transparent glass screens. If you are thinking of replacing your old glass screen with a smoked one, this article will help you learn more about smoked glass in place of a transparent screen.

Pattern and design

If you are into intricate patterns and designs all over your home, then your bathroom will not get left out. Having a specific theme for your bathroom will allow you to play with the patterns on your glass shower screen. You can either complement your bathroom décor with the design or have contrast in the room.


The bathroom is not only a place where you can take a shower or bath. You can also do a multitude of things in it. So, when you have a smoked glass door, it will provide you with the privacy that you need, while other people in the house do something else in the bathroom, like brush their teeth, do their makeup or blow dry their hair.


Glass reflects light, so you get to save on using light in the bathroom with a glass shower screen. With smoked glass, there is the texture and pattern, which makes a nice play on the lighting. It can set a relaxing mood when you enter the bathroom.


The opacity of smoked glass ranges from light to dark. There are also cool and warm undertones that you can match or contrast with the entire bathroom’s interior. The colour adds to the overall look of the bathroom.


The design, colour and other aspects that smoked glass provides your bathroom with make for an elegant look. You get to spend more time in the bathroom doing your stuff because it is very enticing and conducive to doing your bathroom chores. You won’t feel lazy stepping into the shower if what you are entering is a room that looks classy.


The glare that natural light provides in the bathroom can sometimes be a disadvantage. Although light coming from outside can help you minimise your use of artificial light, there are times when you want a warm glow inside the bathroom. If you need a relaxed light to help you set the mood for a bath, the smoked glass on your shower door will help diffuse the light that comes in the bathroom and give you subdued lighting.

Smoked glass is textured, and it gives your bathroom a unique look, besides offering its functionality and benefits. There are a variety of smoked glass options that you can choose from that will be suitable for your functional and design needs. Their prices and other factors also vary, so it is imperative to have a wide range of options.

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