Best Gas Pressure Washers

Is the best pressure washer gas or electric powered?

Gas powered


More efficient since home electric outlet current and voltage are not limited to them. More portable because electrical wires are not tethered. For your buck, more boom.


Includes routine servicing and re-fueling. They are noisy and, because of the fumes, can’t be used indoors. They are also larger and heavier than their electric counterparts.

Electric powered


There is little maintenance needed. They are louder. It can be worn indoors. Have affordable options for light duty if that’s what you need.


They have electric motors that need to be attached to an outlet, so they are restricted in range and strength. They usually have poor cleaning capacity (unless you spend extra cash on a professional one), so it can take a long time for small activities.

What are the different pump types in pressure washers?

Axial/Swashplate Wobble

To force pistons back and forth to produce suction and then push the water out, a wobble plate pump is directly attached to the drive shaft. There are no seals for the piston running back and forth and it is self-priming and can run dry. In pressure washers, there are both low-end and high-end versions of the wobble pump and the major distinction is ceramic vs. stainless steel plungers and low-grade steel vs. solid head constructions of brass pumps. Lifespan varies depending on individual pump specs: 200 to 300 hours for Kranzle wobble pumps up to 3,000++.

Crankshaft Triplex

The most advanced and effective pump found in just the finest pressure washers is the triplex plunger pump. It is connected by a crankshaft to the drive shaft with connecting rods that are 120 degrees apart from each other. This makes it easier for the pump to run hotter and more powerful than the other pumps. To make its lifetime even longer, it is easy to perform maintenance.

Lifespan: 3,000 + + hours

How loud are the different types of pressure washers?

Louder than electrics, a gas pressure washer is much the same as a lawn mower.

There are two types of separate loudness electrical pressure washers: universal motor driven and induction motor powered. Louder and just as loud as a blender are the universal engines. The induction motors are cleaner than a vacuum and about as noisy.

Are battery powered cordless pressure washers available?

Yeah, there are, but at the moment, they’re not realistic. To be viable, the motor powering the pump needs so much electricity. The one we tested is a 2x 5Ah, 36V solar-powered Ryobi cordless battery. Every battery lasted a pressure wash of 12 minutes. And that’s 1,400 PSI and 1.3 GPM of light-duty cleaning capacity. While very quiet and smooth, it was a joy to use it.

Why should I trust your best pressure washer list?

Our experience

Since 2013, by washing houses, driveways, cars, outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, fences and more, we have written hundreds of posts, taken 1,000s of pictures, and checked 35 + pressure washers. We are laser-focused and will still be on pressure washers.

Our practical knowledge

Combine the industrial power washing and mechanical engineering expertise of our team with the PressureWashr hands-on real-life use training and it becomes easy to spot the advantages and downfalls of each pressure washer. We still hold the pressure washers we purchase, not just brand fresh, and measure them after 20 hours of use and 50 hours of use.

Our aim is to find your best pressure washer

For us, the best power washer is not the most costly one with the highest efficiency. It is the one that suits your desires the most. So we split up the pressure washer purchasing advisory to help you find yours as:

For your money, the best value. The sweet spot in terms of price, cost and results.

Friendliest user. The one with helpful features such as adjustable pressure, storage of weapons, storage of cords and hoses.

Output max. For the strongest engine. The finest pump. Ownership is still affordable.

How did PressureWashr decide which pressure washers to purchase and test?

First, before placing the data and results into a spreadsheet, we checked the online ratings and feedback of all 205 + available versions.

Then, to test for ourselves, we bought the best power washers from numerous online and big-box stores.

Fast note: We buy pressure washers much like you online and from the shops. For research purposes, we do not get special or free computers.

How does PressureWashr perform testing?

Scientific testing

To calculate the exact PSI and GPM each system produces, we use gauges and instruments. Both these figures are loaded into a spreadsheet.

Checking in use

We wash pressure on multiple surfaces such as concrete, wood, brick, vinyl, aluminium , plastic, etc. to get a feel for the real-life consistency of pressure washers. Not just how well it cleans, but also how convenient it is to drive around the yard, how easy it is to set up, etc.

Until the final scores are input to our patented spreadsheet, the right pressure washer is used for 3-4 weeks an hour or two a day. For each pressure washer model, the purpose of the spreadsheet is to transform 11 different rating category numbers into a single number. What we use to score them from best to worst is the number.

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