How To Establish a Dry Cleaning Business

Dry cleaning is a profitable industry. You do not have to start large to quickly get a customer base in a particular neighborhood. People appreciate useful services close to where they live. Here is advice on how to establish a dry cleaning business.

Find a Location

Though you can start small with a dry cleaning business, you generally need a location separate from your home. Look for a location that easily draws in pedestrians. You will need a place large enough to accommodate various machines you will need, and you also need storage space. Your location should have a reception and drop-off area and areas for sorting, pressing, and hanging.

Invest in Machinery

By its nature, dry cleaning relies on machinery such as washers, dryers, and pressers. As your business grows, you may want to expand your mechanization. Many dry cleaners find a quality dry cleaning conveyor system helps them offer efficient service.

Get the Right Equipment

As with machinery, you also need certain items to help your dry cleaning business run efficiently. These items are not as expensive as machines, but they are important. Make sure you have plenty of sorting bins, coverings for garments, hanger lines or equipment, and all necessary chemicals.

Decide on Your Services

The services you provide for customers may evolve. Your earliest days may be strictly dry cleaning services. However, once your business is established, you may decide to provide sewing and garment repair. You may also want to set up pick-up and delivery options. Additional services require additional financial output, but they could also increase your revenue.

A successful dry cleaning business can start off small and simple. Once you have the right facilities, you just need machines and equipment to operate. As your business grows, you may choose to expand. Starting such a business is an adventure that also helps make others’ lives easier.

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