Tasks to Tick Off in the Garden This March

Each new month brings a new set of gardening tasks to tick off the list and it’s important to know which tasks are suitable for which month. You often find that the tasks for the garden are season dependant, so you’re likely to find lots of preparation tasks throughout February and into March. There are lots of different things to be getting on with in March, especially if you have additional features like a greenhouse or vegetable patch in your garden. Continue reading to ensure you’ve got everything ready on your list to work on throughout the month.

General Garden Upkeep

Over the winter months your garden will experience a lot of disruption, from the heavy winds and torrential rain to frosty, snowy conditions, this bad weather will result in your garden looking messy and dishevelled. With overgrown grass and weeds through to broken fencing and random bits of rubbish and debris dotted around the place, there are lots of different things that need to be amended and sorted out before you can enjoy your garden properly in the spring/summer. Start by making a list of all of the tasks that apply to your garden, such as mowing the lawn, investing in some seeds and pots to plant for the springtime and going round to thoroughly remove any pesky weeds that have nestled their way in during the past few months.

Image Source: Two Wests & Elliot

Fix Damaged Areas

If your garden has experienced some damage over the winter, now is the time to fix it and get it back to its original state. The most common damage seen in gardens during winter are with the fencing. Fence panels can become damaged or broken from strong winds, which instantly removes the privacy from your garden and makes the space look messy. Whether you need to replace a panel or two, or the whole fence needs changing, your garden will look 10x better once this area is fixed and looking neat and tidy again. Similarly, if you own a greenhouse or shed, you may find that the harsh weather conditions have damaged glass panes or the roof area, so take a good look at all of these areas to see exactly what needs doing to bring it back to its original state.

What to Pot

Knowing what to plant and pot in March can result in your garden looking beautiful and bright for the spring and summer months. Lilies and daffodils are two of the most popular flowers to plant in March, bringing a lovely aesthetic to your garden once in bloom. Look at introducing hanging baskets to the walls of your home, as well as planting in your flowerbeds to spread the colour and transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

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