What You need for the Perfect Water Softener Installation

Your faucets and shower screens are scaly or have white marks, your dishes are dull and the linen is rough, you notice that your skin is often dry or your hair breaks easily. There is no doubt, the water that comes out of your faucets, is a hard water, too charged in magnesium and calcaiore. Indeed, some departments, particularly in Phoenix, have particularly hard water.

The solution to remedy this problem is the installation by a professional of a water softener.

This device reduces the hardness of water (water with a high content of limestone and magnesium) to obtain softened water and non-calcareous water.

Setting up a softener

Before installing your water softener, it is important to prepare your environment. If you connect it indoors, the room where it is located must be dry and ventilated, and have a stable temperature. Outdoors, it should be placed so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Other devices may be necessary for the proper functioning of your softener, such as a pressure reducer: indeed, the softener requires between 1.5 and 4.5 bar, depending on the model, to work properly. Similarly, to avoid the risk of overpressure, you can install a non-return valve and an expansion tank. Once all these parameters have been checked, install a siphon evacuation if you do not already have one. Then connect the tank hose to the control valve. Finally, install the softener and plug it in. You can of course contact Culligan to have your water softener installed by a professional.

The advantages of installing a water softener

Increase the life of your pipes and piping

Too harsh water is aggressive for the various plumbing elements of your home, pipes and pipes will wear faster and this can lead to damage that will require costly repairs.

The installation of a water softener protects the pipes, and limit wear in the medium and long term.

Protecting Your Home Appliances

Water released from limescale and impurities allows your appliances (especially washing machines and dishwashers) to run more efficiently and for longer.

The detergents and detergents used by these equipment react better when the water is slightly calcareous. Installing a water softener is an inexpensive way to maintain your appliances.

Save energy

Low water is water that heats more quickly. By installing a water softener on the main water supply of your home, you increase the efficiency of your equipment, water heater, water radiator, floor heating, etc. You are saving energy.

Protect your skin

Limestone water attacks your skin, especially during showers. In the long term, your skin becomes dry, and becomes more sensitive to aggressions such as cold, UV, pollution. A water softener helps protect the health of your skin.

Maintenance of the softener

Regular maintenance of your water softener ensures its effectiveness. According to the contracts, it includes:

  • Salt delivery and reloading
  • The filter change
  • The cleaning of the softener
  • Disinfection
  • The controls of the parameters (flow, TH etc …)

If you have your water softener installed by a Culligan expert, a technician can service your unit once a year. Contact Water Softener Installation Phoenix for personalized advice and quotes!

Finally the water softener will actually have a positive impact in all areas requiring the use of running water: machine-washed clothes, floors rubbed with water.

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