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Painting is manual labor accessible to all. But, for any type of renovation, it is better to use service providers to ensure the quality of the work. Who to call for painting work? How to choose the best house painter? What are the steps to follow to find a painter? Follow this advice to find out more!

Painting work: who to call?

You have to be a professional to master all painting techniques, in particular the number of coats to be applied, the dosage of the paint, the products of the type of paint.

However, it is not easy to choose the right provider for the renovation work, as there are many experts in the field and the price-performance ratio differs accordingly.

Here are the different possibilities for this type of service:

  • Entrust the work to an artisan painter,
  • Contact a painting company,
  • Call on a craftsman from all trades.
  • Painting companies

Painting companies generally offer a full service, starting with the preparation of the estimate until the completion of the work.

They can also provide advice on interior decoration. You will be able to easily choose the shades of colors that will allow you to personalize your interior.

Many brands also offer other more extensive services, such as the installation of wallpapers, the production of patinas, gilding, etc.

Painter craftsmen

One of the advantages of contacting a craftsman is its very competitive price compared to that of renovation companies. Indeed, artisans adopt systems of price per m2 and hourly price, but at lower levels.

So, in order not to manhandle the wallet, there is no need to hesitate, turning to craftsmen is the best possible option. Also, contracts with craftsmen are more or less flexible.

Craftsmen of all trades

However, it is important to differentiate between artisan painters, specialized in his profession, and a craftsman in all trades. If you call on a craftsman from all trades, make sure he knows the painting profession perfectly, and ask to see his previous achievements in this area. Check his credibility and visit website for his previous work.

Painting is within the reach of any handyman, you can indeed find craftsmen all trades who offer this service but without having the necessary know-how to ensure an impeccable job.

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