Wallpaper Isn’t For Your Grandma Anymore!

Not your Granny’s room! In this fast time everyone wants to change their way of living and improve their living style. At first you must think when you want to change the Home decorations, it is not for your grandmother. At this time we live mostly in small apartments, and it is very tough to decorate your home with enlargement. So today you will get to know about how to enlarge the small space with the help of wallpapers and furnish things accordingly!

A small space like a house or apartment can look visually larger with a touch of appropriate decor. The use of mirrors or the choice of a minimalist design are just a few features that can guarantee good residential projects. It is possible that smaller spaces are well used in a creative and harmonious way, providing a welcoming environment and the feeling of being in a slightly larger environment. With this in mind, we have prepared some tips to expand small spaces and provide a differentiated space for your client. Read on and check out practical and valuable suggestions.

  1. Invest in lighting

Lighting is a factor that enables a greater perception of comfort and spaciousness. If the structure of the property does not allow natural light to enter, a lighting project can be very useful in this case.

One option is to use yellow lights in rooms and bedrooms to reflect the actual colors of the location and create an impression of visual comfort. White light, in turn, inspires a state of attention, being an alternative for the home office and “wet” rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and service areas.

  1. Bet on multifunctional furniture

Functional furniture is an efficient way to rationalize the use of space. Sofa sideboards can turn into worktables, beanbags turn into coffee tables and even a bench can be used as a chest.

Another interesting suggestion is to use shelves as room separators. A hollow shelf, for example, can offer extra charm between the kitchen and the laundry area.

These versatile and differentiated alternatives, in addition to being functional, add a lot of value to the decoration project.

  1. Use and abuse mirrors

The mirror is the wildest element in any small home decor project and produces a sense of continuity and breadth. Try to install mirrors on walls opposite the windows so that the reflection of light can create the impression that the space is more extensive than it appears. Also remember that crystal mirrors help to brighten the place even more.

  1. Use wallpaper

When decorating small rooms, wall paper peel and stick can be very useful to enlarge the room. A new trend is traditional digital wallpaper that features digital printing technology, in addition to offering a variety of custom colors, patterns and styles to the customer.

Lighter colors such as white, off-white, beige and pastel shades of green, blue and pink are excellent for reflecting light and giving the impression of a larger room. Avoid dark shades with large prints that make the place look smaller. Another option for houses with low ceilings is to opt for wallpapers with vertical lines that also contribute to elongating the space. Wallpaper variations and choice depends on the room space and purpose. If you are choosing wallpaper for your kids room it must be about the kids wallpapers like cartoons, favorite characters and study relevant things.

  1. Create integrated kitchens

Another suggestion to enhance the space is to include the kitchen in the social environment. The fewer walls in place, the greater the space dimension. Apartments and small houses with an integrated kitchen have the advantage of taking advantage of the natural light coming from the windows, which is evenly distributed to the other rooms. Another advantage of integrated kitchens is that it allows for greater interaction between people, providing good conversations in a more cozy atmosphere.

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