A Comprehensive Guide on Wood Flooring for Modern Homes

In recent years, wood flooring is becoming a popular choice with homeowners, architects, and designers. It is an ancient material for flooring that will transform the outlook of the modern home. Homeowners can choose to refurbish their houses with different kinds of wood floors.

Wood Species

There are wide arrays of wood species to choose from. Hardwoods offer a long-lasting service to flooring solutions. It is essential to choose the species that fits your lifestyle and is within your budget. Below are the distinct wood species available;


The species is available in two forms; white oak and red oak. It is the ideal choice when choosing the best floors for new or old houses. They are durable and will suit the needs of every house. The Oak species gives interior designers different shades for their interior designs. Its patterns of fine grains are a reason for the success. Click to find oak wooden flooring here.  


Walnut wood species is popular in its red and dark shades. It is a durable option for most homes. The texture of the flooring material is smooth. Rooms with light or medium human traffic are the ideal places for the walnut floors.


The grain-patterned wood species has a smooth texture that is appealing for homeowners. Cherry is ideal for a cozy area or room in the house. It works well in areas that do not receive direct sunlight. The dining area and bedrooms are spaces for the cherry wood species.


This is a versatile flooring material that will suit most of the rooms in the house. It is stronger than other hardwood flooring options making it more durable. The maple designs complement the home decor and the flooring material is available in different colors.


Hickory is a durable option for open floors and areas with high human traffic. Its fine pattern and light shade will brighten up most homes. The flooring material is versatile in its application in the real estate industry.

Types of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors come in solid or engineered form. Let us look at the two forms;


The boards ready for installation in the modern homes are thick in size. Each large plank is joined together to avoid water from penetrating through the floor. It is essential to keep the floor water-free as the material is affected by moisture.


The sheets of wood are thin with a smooth texture on their surfaces. Once the planks are in place, it leaves no gaps for water or moisture. The feature makes the floor durable although it is not suited to rooms with high traffic. It is critical to change the floor type with time as it is prone to wear and tear.


To get the best value to the home improvement plan, a pre-finished flooring material is vital. It reduces the hassle of installing the new floor. Unfinished flooring materials gives you options on choosing the best finishing for the home.

A qualified architect and interior designer are the best personnel to consult when looking to renovate the house.

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