Easy ways to make your home cosy – without splashing the cash

Cold weather brings with it the chance to return to a warm home that feels super cosy. There’s nothing better than coming back to a place that is warm and inviting. To make your home feel cosy, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Try these quick and inexpensive ways to make your home cosy.

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Introduce warmer scents

Scents can help to make your home feel cosy. Candles with a woody aroma can really make a home feel warm. You can also buy room sprays that are cheap and easy to spritz around your home to make it feel cosier.

Add some cosy textures

Nothing makes you feel cosier than snuggling under layers. In your bedroom, you may want to swap out your summer duvet with one that has a higher tog rating. You can finish it off with throws and cushions for extra warmth. For your lounge to feel extra cosy, introduce a comfortable footstool with matching cushions and blankets. Throws and cushions made from soft materials like faux fur or velvet are perfect for adding that extra bit of cosiness. Don’t forget the wooden floors either, warming them up with a deep pile rug.

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Stop any draughts

You want to be able to keep the heat inside your home. There are a few inexpensive ways you can do this. Placing curtains on your windows helps to insulate a room. You can also purchase draught excluders that not only help keep your home cosy and warm, but also help cut down on heating bills.

Heat is one of the greatest contributors to making any home cosy. Getting your boiler serviced is an absolute must if you know that cold weather is on the way. Think about installing a wood burner for a cosy and traditional feel.

Use lighting

Night time is perfect for really enjoying that cosy feeling. Lighting is a really important part of creating the perfect atmosphere. There are plenty of fairy lights and LED lights that provide soft lighting and add to the cosy environment. Flickering candles also have a similar effect.


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