Great ideas for kitchen shelving

Kitchen spaces are one of the deciding factors in home buyers choosing a property and then using a Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester way such as to handle the completion for them.

The kitchen is a room of the house that sees lots of activity and socialising and always needs plenty of storage. Finding the right shelving solution means you will always have somewhere suitable to store pots, pans and crockery, along with essential small kitchen appliances. Whether you are looking for free-standing shelving units or wall shelves there are many great ideas for shelving solutions for kitchens.

An alternative to cupboards

By moving your items onto shelves instead of having lots of cupboards you can create a feeling of space in the kitchen. If you paint the shelves in the same colour as the walls they can blend in well so that they almost disappear to the eye. Alternatively, you can paint them in a contrasting colour to stand out as a centrepiece. Open shelves can look relaxed and laid back while they also give the chance to show off attractive pots and crockery.

Fitting shelves in pairs on a wall with one over the other can add to the space for storage and also give a feeling of neatness with the horizontal alignment. The depths of the shelves can be narrow for smaller items such as cups, food packets or small appliances, while a deeper shelf can also be appropriate for larger items. You could have a deeper space on the top shelf as this is more out of the way, allowing space for shallow spaces between the other shelves.

Free Standing Shelving Units

Whether you are looking for smaller shelving units for a home or commercial shelving for larger spaces, there are many options to choose from and many expert stockists.

Industrial scale modular shelving can look great in any home and give many more options than traditional shelves. These large units can stretch across entire walls, while some let you add cupboards or even desks into the unit for great flexibility.

Using a free-standing shelving unit can add even more space for storage with access from both sides. It can also create a useful divide in a larger room, such as a kitchen diner, to add a separate eating area. Shelves need not always be open plan and a sliding door can work well to separate from certain parts of the unit.

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