Party tent and perfection – how they are the same

Imagine your tent seen from above, the ideal being to draw the plan of the tent on grid paper. In order to be able to plan the arrangement of tables and other reception materials, take two tiles to represent 1 meter in the marquee. Four squares therefore correspond to 1 square meter. So you can plan the layout of the space precisely on your diagram and change it without problem later. Think about where the entrances to the party tent will be, where the buffet and drinks should be placed and how the sound system will be most judiciously placed, for example oriented mainly towards the dance floorso as not to disturb those who remain seated. The illustration at the shows an example of layout planning in the tents.

Expand your party tent

What can be done if the number of guests is finally higher than expected? In good weather, it is possible to remove the side tarpaulins from the party tent. You can then set up seating outside the tent, without isolating the guests from each other.

If, however, you need a larger party tent because there is not enough space under your current marquee, you can extend your marquee by attaching a second reception tent. The trick: install a connecting gutter, which connects the two tents to each other (the marquees must have at least one side of the same length). The advantages are obvious: your tent becomes modular: you can choose between setting up a large tent or two smaller ones. Your current party tent can then gain additional space with a second tent. The assembly of the gutter is simple, and makes it possible, in particular in the event of rain, to make the connection between the two capitals completely waterproof.

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