Shopping for The Man That Has Everything? Consider One of These Watches

If you have the man that has everything, and you are unsure of what to get him, you should consider getting him one of the watches that are listed below. They are the world’s most expensive watches and are great for collectors and those that love high-end watches. Each one of these watches is made from the most durable and valuable materials and their details are like no other on the market. Here are three watches that you may want to consider purchasing for your loved one.

1. Jacob & Co Billionaire

This watch lives up to the name it was given. It has 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds and the bracelet is 18-carat white gold. This watch was designed to show off the success of the wearer. The diamonds that are found in this watch are certified by the Gemological Institute of America. This helps to ensure that the grade of the diamond is true, and you will never have to worry that something was not done correctly. This watch is known as one of the most expensive watches on the market and has a price tag of $18,000,000,00. This watch is the most revered watch on the market today.

2. Patek Phillipe Ref. 1518

This wrist watch is highly popular with only a few in existence. There are only four that are in existence today that are made with steel. These pieces of history are highly sought after even though they are privately owned. This watch is the most complicated watch out there on the market today and comes with a price tag of $11,000 if you can possibly get one of the four owners to sell the watch. This watch is coveted by many watch people out there. To find out more information, visit

3. Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot watch is one of the most expensive ever and is widely sought after by many watch enthusiasts. There are 1200 diamonds that are found on this watch. Six of the diamonds weigh in at over 3 carats. The production time on one of these watches is over a year and it takes around 17 people to complete this watch. This watch will be one of kind if it is given as a gift. The price tag for this watch is at $34 million dollars. Some of the most well to do people in the world own one of these watches. This watch is a symbol of success.

Now, once you have found the perfect watch, you will need somewhere to store that watch when your loved one is not wearing it. These hefty price tag watches can easily be stolen and are highly sought after in the black market. Having an alarm system simply is not enough. You will want to find a high quality safe to put this watch in. There are several different safe designs out there, and you will need to decide which would work best for the watch that you have purchased. As soon as you purchase the watch, consider protecting your investment with a safe.

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