Siding Options For Your Home

With so many different options it can be hard to know what kind of siding to use on your home. Knowing about each type of siding is important and goes beyond just want you like but also the function of each of them.  Here is a breakdown of all the different types of siding:

  • Vinyl – When you think of vinyl siding you might think of a cheap plastic look and finish. However vinyl siding is not exactly what you are thinking as it comes in numerous styles and profiles along with a myriad of color choices.  If you haven’t looked at Vinyl Siding recently you might want to take a look
  • Wood – Wood siding can be either cedar, hemlock, or pine.  These choices are the most popular. When going with a wood siding you will usually obtain a traditional classic look for your home.
  • Engineered Wood – Manufacturers, in recent years, have created an Engineered Wood siding. This type of siding has the look of wood but with the benefit of a manufactured product. It is sure to have a long shelf life.
  • Shakes – This type of siding has been a popular choice since Colonial Days. Shakes are typically made from Cedar. Cedar shakes lend their natural beauty to the exterior charm of your home. This type of siding is also one of the more durable types of wood siding and can last 5-7 years.
  • Cement Board – It is often known by its manufacturer’s name, Hardie Plank.  This is siding that is manufactured using cement, sand, wood fibers, and of course water all combined to make a siding that is “cement.”

Once you have narrowed down the material of choice then you have to think about the color. Unfortunately the choice making isn’t done yet. You know have to think and decide how you want your home to look. Depending on which siding you have selected will determine what your choices are. If you went with a vinyl siding then there will be dozens of color options to consider. If you go with wood, cement board, shakes, or engineered wood then they can be painted or stained in hundreds of different colors. Depending on if you want a unique, custom colored home, or something more traditional can be a huge factor when determining what type of siding you choose. For example if the color or look you are looking for isn’t available in vinyl siding then it might be better to go with one of the other options.

Now there are some advantages to vinyl. First is initial cost of vinyl. Also the upkeep of vinyl siding is easier to keep up with. Vinyl siding gives you the option to simply wash it off once every couple years and it never needs to be repainted. This can save you money for years to come. On the other hand all of the other types of siding will need to be painted occasionally.  There is no standard answer on how often you will need to repaint the other siding options as there are far too many variables.  Now there is an advantage to painting your house, you are able to change the color of your house. If in a couple of years you want something different then you are able to achieve this. Could even help with the resell value of your home if you had decided to go with a funky, non traditional color, you could easily repaint the house in a a color that offers better curb appeal.

On top of having to decide on the color and siding options for your house, you will also need to consider the trim. There are many options to think about like corner boards, freeze boards, window trim of all sorts. Also have to consider pilasters and mantles around the front door, and an untold number of other trim pieces that can enhance the beauty of your home.

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