5 Best Faucets for Your Home

Faucets play a big role in your homes.  They give you access and control to water, when you need it, where you need it. Choosing the right type of style and materials adds not only aesthetics and functionality to your homes. Like other home design elements, faucet designs can come and go. Meanwhile, classic designs can be a few dollars expensive compared to the basic faucet types. Your style and needs mostly influences your choice in picking out the best faucet design for your homes.

Nickel Faucets Versus Chrome Faucets

There are two types of materials faucets are usually made of, nickel and chrome. Picking a design depends on the look you want to achieve in your bathrooms and kitchens. For most homeowners, they go for matching designs while others are looking for up-to-date looks for these areas. The licensed plumbers Maroubra households depend on when it comes to plumbing issues can easily suggest a type  of faucet that best fits your home design and needs.

Both types of finishes offer positives and negative aspects that will help you decide on which type of material to pick for your faucets. Brushed nickel is more durable compared to chrome ones and can easily be cleaned. However, they are relatively expensive but can easily mix and match with other kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Chrome faucets are versatile and durable. They can be easily cleaned and maintained but are susceptible to water marks. Scratches are also quite visible as chrome faucets age.

As for types, here are the top five of the most common and preferred faucets for residential homes.

Pull-down Kitchen Faucets

Pull-down kitchen faucets can be easily used and are a good choice for homes with growing kids. It can be easily accessed. The design features tall necks, long hoses and some with detachable spray heads. They are nice design breaks from the usual fixed-neck taps. It is ideal for smaller kitchens due to its shorter spouts.

Touchless Faucets

If you are looking to add design and functionality to your kitchen and bathroom areas, a touchless faucet might be a good idea. They feature motion and touch control technology that has seen a rise in demand in the plumbing design industry. If touchless is not your style, you can always opt for the single-handle and the double-handle operated faucets.

Ceramic Disc Faucets

How water flows into your lavatories and baths depends on your faucets. Single line stem faucets allow one water line each and are limited to either hot or cold. Two-handle faucets employ ceramic discs, the modern approach. As this disc rotatest, water passes. This type of feature inside your faucets last longer than the compression presses that are present in vintage and retro designed faucets.

Dual Function Faucets

Hot and cold water can be accessed alternatively in a single faucet. This is made possible by the mixer cartridges present in them. Online normal cartridges, a mixer type, allows cold water to mix before exiting the spot. It offers two openings – one for hot water and the other for cold.

Faucets with Multiple Spraying Configurations

Some faucets are designed to feature several spraying conditions. With a simple twist or a click of a button, some faucets can release water that is in a concentrated stream, perfect for pressure rinsing. Other spray types feature boosted flow, ideal for filling up water containers. Thumb triggers are also sometimes present in spraying configurations to allow the user to pause and press the water stream as needed.

When deciding which type of faucet to use for your home, always consider function over design. However, in today’s modern plumbing industry, there are plenty of visually appealing designs for faucets that feature superb function at an affordable price.

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