How Things Will Change The Way You Approach Quartz Countertops

Today there are many possibilities when choosing the material for your kitchen countertop and it is normal for the decision to become complicated. The variety is enormous, encompassing synthetic crystals, ceramics, plastics, and natural stones. In this articlehere are some of the benefits of granite and the reasons why it should have a prominent presence in your home.

Granite characteristics

Granite is usually the favorite option for most consumers. In this sense, approximately 45% of the countertops are built with this natural stone, which stands out for its resistance and durability, as well as nuances of colors and veins that make each piece unique. As if that were not enough, maintenance is very simple and is excellent for situations of heat and humidity typical of a kitchen.

How to choose the best granite for your countertop?

Keep in mind that granite usually has veining. This can be a problem for some designers when creating a facade. However, when it comes to countertops it becomes an added value, since what you want is a lot of dynamism, a variety of colors and movement. The general color must be in tune with the furniture in your kitchen, as well as the appliances to create a perfectly integrated set.

Finding some colors can be tricky. For example, intense black and white granites tend to show imperfections more. In addition, their composition does not contain quartz, so they will wear more than the rest and are less resistant to scratches and oil stains, requiring more attention and care.

How much granite will you need?

To answer this question you have to be very clear about the dimensions of the new countertop and how each of the parts will look when they are cut. In some cases, it will be essential to use some type of joint depending on the design, especially when manufacturing L-shaped pieces. As a general rule, the worktops are 2 to 3 centimeters thick and there is the possibility of overlapping two pieces.

And finally, it is been talked about the imaginable finishes of granite countertops available at Traditionally polishing Stone Countertops has been the most demanded, but nowadays designers are opening up their options and opting for honed or textured, in order to avoid shine and fit better with other furniture.

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