Are Hidden Security Camera Systems Really a Good Option?

Are Hidden Security Camera Systems Really a Good Option?

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your home when you aren’t there? Do you worry that burglars can work around your security cameras because they are obviously in sight? Hidden security camera systems enable you to incorporate every day items into your home, when in fact they are a working camera, feeding information to your computer or DVR, so you can watch the recording later on. Hidden security camera systems are discreet, so burglars don’t even know they are there. We’ve seen hidden nanny cameras placed in teddy bears before, enabling parents to see how their nannies treat their children when they aren’t around. These have been used in a variety of situations, including care homes to ensure care workers are caring for the elderly in a respectful and caring way.

When it comes to home security you have to be clever, you have to think out of the box. Burglars can work their way around regular cameras, they can pinpoint which way they face and hide their face to ensure that they are hard to identify in a line up. With the hidden security camera systems, burglars, nannies and care workers have no idea they are being watched. Parents can check to see if their children got home safely from school, they can check to see if their home is still safe while at work and so much more. You find these systems come in an extensive variety of options from alarm clock radios to smoke detectors and AC adapters to boom boxes, blue ray players, air purifiers and more. The camera is available as a battery or continuous power option feeding recordings to the DVR, so even if the burglar thinks of stealing your blue ray player, they will find that you have the recording that can help you identify them and ensure they receive the punishment they deserve. The advantage to these systems is that you can record all the information the camera sees, which can be exceptionally useful in a burglary situation. Thousands of burglars have been caught on camera and brought to justice, as the footage helps police identify and arrest the right person, the footage can be used to secure a case and ensure they receive the punishment they deserve. It may even help you get some, if not all of your items back before they are sold on. The biggest reason so many people choose hidden camera security systems is the added advantage of remote viewing. You can sit at work or check on your home when away from the weekend, putting your mind at ease that everything is still in good condition. Hundreds of burglars have been caught this way with people checking their security only to find someone in their home, calling the police and catching the burglar in the act, securing their assets and reducing the risk of having to place an insurance claim. What many people don’t realize is that the majority of burglaries and break ins take place during day light hours. This scary fact is that burglars tend to watch the home they intend robbing for a few days, learning the daily schedule of the family. This ensures the home is empty for a period of time when they decide to break in.

Most burglars have ways to escape regular security cameras. They know what to look for and know which way the camera is facing, helping them to work their way around it and not get caught. The hidden security camera system reduces this, as they have no idea which item in your home may or may not have a security camera feeding information back so you can catch them later on.

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