Effective security solutions available now

Almost 1% of the merchandise in stores disappears every year. These burglariescharacterize the not negligible sum of 1,800 million euros lost in each year.  Given the seriousness of the matter, more and more establishments are betting on the professional installation of a security system that allows them to face the usual friends of others.

A Security Plan in commerce

The size of the trade does not matter. The fundamental thing in these cases is to guarantee the protection of clients and staff and to maintain a constant surveillance of the facilities themselves.

The secret: the pairing of people and technology

Faced with threats in these businesses, you can think that it is enough to establish greater surveillance of strategic points and increase random visual controls.

What security system to choose for a business?

Intruder alarm systems use to have the power to prevent thieves and warn workers and facility owners that aburglar has come in the secure area.

Video surveillance to improve store security

The video surveillance is becoming increasingly popular among retailers. In this sense, solutions are offered that include the recording of images in the devices located in the store, or remote surveillance, in such a way that a specialized external service use to be in charge of inspecting the images and detecting distrustful movements.


As it has been seen, there are a multitude of solutions to provide a business with the appropriate security system. Having professional help from forbel.com can represent the difference between achieving the goal or simply investing in equipment that does not meet the specific needs of the establishment.You must also bear in mind that having a Plan for Security Solutions will not only mean cost savings due to the merchandise not stolen, but also automatically implies a reduction in the insurance premium. Also in economic terms, it is worth betting on quality.

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