And Baby Makes Five - Time to Upgrade the House Plans

And Baby Makes Five – Time to Upgrade the House Plans

With many of the new construction homes nowadays, it seems like most of them are built from country French house plans that only have three bedrooms. This really isn’t that big of a deal until the couple who bought the house decides to start their family. As the family grows, the size of the house almost seems to shrink in size.For most couples starting out, a two or three bedroom home simply makes sense. For only two people that many rooms seems almost excessive and a pain to furnish. Once a couple decides that it is time to start their family is when they start running into problems. Their once roomy home built from cozy French country house plans is now shrinking with each passing day. Many couples fill the extra bedrooms with a wide variety of items to simply fill up the empty space. Some couples may have converted one of the extra bedrooms to a workout room and filled it with a treadmill, elliptical machine and a television. The other room could have been turned into a much desirable “man cave” with a flat screen TV and comfy reclining chairs. Whatever the furniture that was in one of the rooms must now be vacated to make room for the baby crib, changing table, diapers and many toys.As one room gets cleared out, the other spare room generally absorbs the excess furniture and becomes the storage room or the excess furniture is stored offsite or donated. Whatever you choose to do with the stuff in the room is up to you. After you get this squared away, it might be time for baby number two. Now your southern home plans are really beginning to shrink. You will now have to do away with all of the other junk you have been hoarding in the last spare bedroom. You will need to figure out what to do with even more stuff!As you get rid of all of your stuff you had before kids, you realize that it is worth getting rid of. There is nothing better to occupy that space than your sweet bouncing bundle of joy! However, the next problem arises when your wife decides she wants to have baby number three. Now what do you do? Do you put the two older kids in a room together? Do you put the baby in your room until the baby is sleeping through the night and then combine rooms? Or do you simply avoid the problem altogether and add another wing onto the house?

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