How to Choose a HVAC Company

The ideal time for choosing a HVAC company is before you encounter a heating or cooling emergency. HVAC systems are complex and expensive and they also contribute to the air quality and ventilation in your home. Therefore, choosing an HVAC company and vetting them in advance will ensure you have a trusted option when required. But, how do you choose?

  • License and experience

You don’t want this expensive equipment being handled by someone who is not properly licensed to deal with it and doesn’t have any experience. Longevity doesn’t guarantee that the company will do a good job, but their stability indicates that they are doing something right. As for licensing, it indicates that they have training and credentials.

  • Home evaluation

Never trust an HVAC company that doesn’t do a home evaluation before giving you a cost estimate. If they give you a bid or estimate on the phone, you should consider it a red flag because no two systems are the same and it is not possible to give an accurate estimate this way. Also, always get a written bid with every cost outlined in order to avoid any surprises.

  • References and referrals

Don’t hesitate in asking the company to give you referrals and references and call them up to ask about their experience. Ask if the jobs were completed within budget and on time. This will also tell you if the company does quality work and the system provides maximum efficiency. You can also check online reviews and rating for the company.

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