Why use Cleanifiq when moving out

When moving out, you likely have many, many things on your mind. Things like whether you’ve recently fed your cat, when the movers are arriving, or whether you’ve packed everything well may occupy your thoughts. Alternatively, if you’re a letting agency representative – you’d typically prefer to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Getting back to more urgent matters is always a priority, after all.

Amongst this slurry of thoughts, you need some order & structure. Reduce stress, improve planning and make sure everything is going to go smoothly by simplifying things for yourself. After all, what have you got to lose? Here’s how the finest cleaners in Glasgow, found only through Cleanifiq, can help YOU during the moving day. And don’t worry – browsing for quotes is free.

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The problem

Each person is the sum of their choices, says an old quote. It’s reasonable that the more options at your disposal, the better your potential choices will be. Letting agencies can help you find a cleaning service by choosing from the affiliated contractors. Cleaning services tend to have seasonal spikes, but also have plenty of quiet periods. That creates a catch 22 where you don’t want to have too many affiliated cleaners, but still want to have your cleaning done correctly, and on time. Typically, it’s more economically viable to have fewer contract cleaners in Glasgow, and hope no issues arise.


That sometimes can lead to your cleaning being assigned to the most appropriate house cleaning services out of a select few, or, in the most drastic situation, whoever is available. So whether you’re an agency representative or a tenant – know that Cleanifiq solves this dilemma handily. With Cleanifiq, you have far more cleaning options than you usually would, without having to pay extra or resort to highly expensive contract cleaners in Glasgow.


So how does Cleanifiq do it? Why does every cleaning agency start using our services exclusively upon finding out about us? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the saying goes, but here are the main reasons:

  • For starters, most of the cleaning companies in Glasgow that we’re in touch with are experts in moving out cleaning. To solve the matter of inconsistent cleaning performance, we vet our cleaners thoroughly. We do that to make sure all the options we provide hold the same bare minimum level of quality.
  • Our users, commercial or private, are immediately granted full access to all prices and quotes. You’ll be able to pick out the cleaners you require, with exact precision—more on that below.
  • Full documentation. We require all cleaners to provide the necessary, appropriate paperwork, both for tax purposes and for obtaining your deposit back.
  • Monetary transfers only happen once the job gets done. Don’t worry; your money is going to be deposited safe with us.
  • Ultimately, we want everybody to be treated fairly. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with the cleaning received – there are options. You will have two days to file a complaint while your payment until the settling of the matter.

So, what does the entire process look like? To start, all you have to do is write up a detailed description of the job that needs to be done and hit submit. From there, we handle the rest. Cleanifiq will analyse your request and automatically send it to the most appropriate target cleaning companies that can reasonably satisfy it.

Then, home cleaning services interested in your job offer will respond to you with quotes, which Cleanifiq will notify you about either by email, phone message, or both. You’re free to reply to any quote you’d like, or none at all, and choose the best option for your case. It’s fast, secure and efficient – you only have to get involved once!

Cleanifiq will help you find just what you need, whenever you need it.

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