How to Prepare Your House for Christmas

The Christmas season is an exciting time for family and celebrations. However, preparing your house for the holidays can be a challenging task. That may be because you don’t know where to start from or what to do next once you have started.

Before the family, friends, and presents arrive, get your house ready for Christmas with these expert tips.

  1. Declutter

Before teens fix their wardrobes, the kids get new toys, and your bookshelves burst with the latest books, you should declutter the house. You can choose items that you want to sell, the items you want to give as a charity, and the items you want to throw away. Decluttering helps you create more space for the holiday and make it easy for you to visualize how you can decorate the house.

  1. Clean the house

Now that you have gotten rid of things you no longer need, the next thing you should do is to clean the house. Your Christmas decorations won’t look pretty if the house is dirty and full of cobwebs. Give the house a deep clean. You can dust vacuum, mop, and polish. You can also do tile and grout cleaning to make the house more sparkling. However, cleaning the tiles and grout can be daunting, especially if they are old and worn-out, that’s why you should hire professional tile and grout cleaners to clean them.

  1. Set up the celebration space

Every home has a designated area where most of the holiday celebrations take place. It can be in the living room or the dining room. You should rearrange, replace, or do away with unnecessary furniture to give your seasonal showpiece the space it requires.

The mantel is always a gathering point for holiday parties. Check if the fireplace has been appropriately cleared of soot or ash. You can set up a fireplace screen for enhanced safety and elegance.

  1. Inspect your Christmas tree

Whether you are planning to re-use your current Christmas tree or buy a new one, you should inspect it a few days before you set it up. Check for loose branches and ensure that the lights are functioning appropriately. Checking all these things in advance gives you time to repair or replace parts that are not functioning. You can also inspect your Christmas garlands, wreaths, or swags.

  1. Do an inventory

If you are expecting guests for the Christmas holiday, then you must be sure that you have everything you need to host them. Check if you have adequate linen and towels and other essential items such as crockery and glasses.

Don’t forget to check the bigger items as well. Have you been planning to replace the guest mattress? Does your sofa have any issue like broken springs? Can your dining table fit all your guests? Now is the time to get larger furniture that will fit your guests.

  1. Make it winter-proof

Preparing your house for Christmas is also a way of preparing it for winter. Check if your door and window seals are working properly. You can purchase some new draft excluders. Have some pop blankets placed on your sofa and you may also change your cushion covers to a warmer design.

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