Tips for Creating a Small but Beautiful Kitchen

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, you shouldn’t let the size of the space you have affect the style or desired results. With the right decorative tips and detailing you can make the smallest of spaces welcoming and stylish, especially when it comes to the kitchen. With clever storage solutions and practical features around the kitchen to utilise the space you have; you can design a beautiful kitchen space for you and your family to enjoy.

Minimal and Practical

Keeping things minimal in a small kitchen is essential, as too much detail can become overwhelming and have an adverse effect. Weigh up the practical features that you require from your kitchen and focus on designing a space that feels warm and welcoming, whilst keeping the practical elements clear. Sticking to one main colour for the walls within your kitchen will help to build a strong base, which you can then add to with extra colour and materials through the surfaces, cabinetry and decorative finishes. You can find a huge selection of interior paint colours here which will help you focus the rest of your kitchen design around one core colour. This really helps to visualise your design and make sure everything else will fit neatly into place.

Image Source: Buster and Punch

Avoid Clutter

One of the main things that can make a space feel much smaller is clutter. It’s so easy for clutter to build up, especially when you have limited storage space to work with, so try to organise your kitchen counters, table tops and shelving to ensure only essential items are on display. If you have too many items out on the surfaces, you’ll feel your kitchen looking cramped and slightly overcrowded, so sort your unnecessary items into sections and try to fit them into your storage where possible.

Embrace Nature

Having a selection of houseplants in your kitchen will really help to complete the overall look of the room, whilst bringing added health benefits to the space. Houseplants are ideal for lifting the atmosphere within a room, manging dust levels and also helping to keep the air clearer. You often find that introducing a neat plant to your shelving or countertop can create a really fresh, open feel which is ideal when working with a smaller kitchen area. Try to avoid introducing too many, or plants that are too small or too large, as this can throw the kitchens balance off and create the wrong look.

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Essential Features

By adding specific features to your kitchen that you’ll require on a daily basis, you can ensure your kitchen is practical as well as stylish. Some of the main features to consider for your kitchen include a breakfast bar/dining area, food prep space, shelving to display utensils and other kitchen appliances and so on. You can find really clever ways of incorporating these features into your kitchen without taking up much space, which is ideal when aiming for a beautiful small kitchen design.

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