Tips for Settling into a New Home

Moving is an ordeal all on its own, but settling in can be even more overwhelming at times.  Our surroundings are entirely changed, and it can swap around everything from how we navigate our evenings to how early we have to get up to get ready for work or class.  Instead of having to deal with growing pains to get used to your new home and get everything set up, here’s how you can settle into your home seamlessly.

Don’t Try To Paint Immediately.

One enormous mistake many people try to make is paint the moment they move in or get a new place.  Although the idea can be excellent, paint isn’t high on the list of things you need to feel cozy.  Painting can put off the timing of you moving your stuff in and will add a weird or bad smell to your home for a couple of days.  Instead, put this off for at least six months down the road when you’re comfortable with your surroundings and ready to start.

Move Your Pets Last

If you’re moving within the same city, your pets must be the last thing you should move over.  You can keep them in a bathroom, or an emptied bedroom, closed off while you move the rest of your home.  Although this might feel stressful, and you may want them to get to know the new home quickly, if you take them to the new house full of new smells and nothing familiar, and then leave them behind for an hour to get some of your belongings, they’re going to be needlessly stressed.  Move your pets last and give them the best chance at acclimating.

Don’t Rush Out To Furnish Immediately.

Whatever furniture you’re bringing from your last apartment should be able to carry you through your first few weeks in your new home.  Moving is already costly, and sinking a lot of money into furniture the moment you move might make your first month financially stressful.  Instead, focus on unpacking gradually and filling out your home with things that make it feel comfortable and familiar to you.  Eventually, you can furnish your home thoroughly, but don’t do it before you can afford it.

Don’t Start New Clutter Closets.

If you know you have trouble collecting things you don’t need anymore, you should try to cut down that habit after you move.  Although it would be best if you got rid of clutter before you even started looking at real estate for sale in Whistler, sometimes it can’t be helped.  Instead, focus on making sure each area of your home has its purpose and reason for being there.  That could mean labeling each closet for a specific use, avoiding filling bins with things, and shoving them under beds.  This may feel straightforward and simple, but the hard work comes in maintaining it.  The less cluttered your home is, the less stress it will add to your move and settling in.

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