Signs To Look For That Indicate There Is A Pest Infestation

Do you hear sounds at night? So you get strange smells? Before you worry about it more than you should, understand that it could be a pest infestation in your home. Pests come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, it is as simple as looking for signs that may indicate you have a pest problem.

While you may have more than one kind of pest invading your property, you may be able to witness only a couple of signs. So here goes.


This is the first sign that indicates that pest and ant control Boston may be necessary. Spotting the droppings of mice and rats may be easiest because they are big enough for the naked eyes. Their fecal matter can usually be found near the exit and entry points of a home as well as the edges of the rooms.

The droppings of insects are usually a little harder to spot. This is because they are tiny in size and may not be more than the size of a speck of salt or pepper.

Smells and Sounds

This is another sign you must look out for if you are worried about a pest problem in your house. The truth is that though pests are really small, they can and do make a lot of noise. For example, if there are rats in your home, you will hear them scurrying around at night and though it can be upsetting, it is easy to spot them. Some may even give out squeaks which can freak people out.

Termites and ants are small but even they make a sound if you notice them carefully. They usually bang their heads against the wall as a sort of signal to their friends and this gives them away.

Smells are another thing to watch out for. Insects and other pests can leave out very strong smells and you can smell them after a while.

Damage on the Property

Another scary sign is where there has been damage by the pests on your property. While they may not look like much, pests can cause serious damage to the property. If you see gnawing and chewing on wood and other furniture in your home, they may be the work of rats and mice. Insects cause damage by boring into a solid structure.


Pests also often leave tracks in homes. For example, mice and rats are very likely to use the same pathways every day to come inside and go out of your property. Termites are the same. You may also see trails of fecal or urine matter.

Now that you can see the signs of a pest infestation, it is time to be very careful and try to get them off your property. The truth is that laypeople often can’t do it on their own and that is when getting professional help is a smart idea. A professional pest removal service will go the extra mile in removing pests from your property once and for all.

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