Top reasons to hire a mobile bar for your wedding

The mobile bar hire industry has significantly evolved in recent years and it is predicted that this trend will surely continue. In case of being still confused about keeping a mobile bar at your wedding, you need solid logic to continue this trend. To help you make up your mind SJW. events and bars are providing some really good reasons to hire a mobile bar for your wedding. SJW Events & Bars is a team of professionals who are dedicated to making your special events extra special with their flawless mobile bar hire services.

  • Cost-effective & affordable:

The best thing about a mobile bar is that you have the option to select what you need to spend. You can mix and match many options like the pre-paid bar, paid bar, or all-inclusive packages to get what you want.

  • Theme extension:

Theme weddings are so much in fashion and it is essential to follow the rules and particular style of wedding. It is easy to style a mobile bar according to the needs of your event. From matching the colors of the drinks with your theme to getting an ample photo opportunity for happy memories mobile bar hire helps you in every way.

  • Personalization:

You can have your pictures or wedding monogram on the bar to customize the looks. You can ask for some statement drink and match glassware and other items in an innovative and personalized way.

  • Entertainment for guests:

Mobile bar hire not only brings some yummy visual elements into your wedding, but it doubles up the entertainment and fun factor for your guests. Flair bartenders, gin bars, and pimp my prosecco there are so many possibilities mobile bar adds to flavor up your wedding with fun and laughter.

  • Flexibility:

With a professionally organized and fully staffed mobile bar, you get the flexibility of menu and venue equally. A mobile bar hire can set their arrangements anywhere and at any place without restrictions for a venue with a fixed bar.

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